Saturday, July 23, 2016

Five Day Week To Kalamazoo.

____ A heavy load from the Steinbach yard at Monday lunchtime with the first night's destination of Osseo, ten hours away. A late finish, but with the heat gone from the day, a comfortable night's sleep. Day two is a long slog, around the bottom of Lake Michigan and up to Grand Rapids for an early evening unloading appointment. Reload is at Kalamazoo and nearly 5 o'clock before I get going; the waiting does let me avoid the evening rush hour around Chicago. A leaking brake chamber on the trailer delays my departure from the Petro Stopping Centre at Portage. The onsite repair workshop has the part in stock and after an hour's labour, I'm on my way up to Fargo and another night-out at another Petro. I'm finished by noon on Friday, after dropping the trailer in Winnipeg and dragging a load back to Steinbach.


  1. After following your blog for some time Chris how are you making it pay doing these kind of runs. Surely you need 3000 miles a week or there abouts to get a decent pay check.

  2. The miles are very poor at the moment. Normally I do 12,000 miles a month but I've only done that once this year. However, the extra day or two between trips is letting me get on with the Mack motor home conversion so I not complaining. I think it will last another couple of months before things pick up. But I am getting sick of Wisconsin every other trip.