Saturday, August 6, 2016

Good Week : Bad Week.

5070 kilometres in 7 days.
____ When I heard it was a trailer from Dryden, going to Wisconsin, I thought I was in for another poor paying, low mileage week. But things looked better after I had delivered to Rhinelander and got a reload of glass from Spring Green heading East. The familiar busy route around the bottom of Lake Michigan and across to the Ambassador Bridge that joins Detroit to Windsor in Ontario. An early delivery appointment at Vaughan where I was able to park on the unloading dock overnight. From there, I had all day Thursday to get to Drummondville in Quebec; not that there was an hurry. The load wasn't ready until 3 o'clock on Friday afternoon. The trip had been beset by traffic hold-ups from the start; road works and catching the rush-hours and it didn't let-up. A road closure due to a fatal accident had me sitting for three hours just east of Sault Ste Marie as I made my way back into the States. Crossing the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and onto Roseau in Minnesota for a Monday morning tip before heading,empty, back to Steinbach.

____ It wasn't Wisconsin again, but I can't say I was happy to hear I was going to South Dakota. Vermillion is south-South Dakota but not even a full days drive from Steinbach. Something East into Ontario was the preferred reload direction but I only went as far as Sheffield; to load agricultural parts for Winnipeg. Back home inside three days. Not really my sort of work. I need more miles!

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