Monday, July 11, 2016

Progress with the Mack.

____ With work being a little on the slow side ; it has given me some time to get to work on the Mack. Most of my effort has been concentrated in the back and the conversion to a motor home type of vehicle. After a lot of cutting about with a succession of easily burnt-out angle grinders; I have started on the reconstruction. Using a lot of stuff from the original equipment, the motor home is probably like no other. But it is strong and mostly stainless steel lined with aluminuim chequer plate. Here are a few interior pictures of the job so far.
The sink and bamboo block counter-top. The various wood-grains make a nice contrast to the predominant metal work.

One of many angle grinders that gave their lives along with hundreds of cutting discs in the conversion of this vehicle.

The knife and fork drawer [with enough room for spoons too] has a safe working load of 250 lbs and was moved out from the dining area. Fridge and microwave will go in the space above.

 A two seat dining booth. This required extensive cutting of the chequer plate and uses up most of one storage cabinet.

A small wardrobe, where the clothes hang trough a hole into one of the outside storage lockers. This locker will be for all clothing and has access through the hinged plywood seat back.

The sofa folds out into a double bed, the mattress and cover are from a Ikea futon [sold separately from the frame]. 

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