Monday, July 11, 2016

Two Trips From The Last Fortnight.

____ A seven day trip with the worst traffic that I have encountered for a long time. Probably due to the up-coming 4th of July holiday weekend. It was alright going over to Dryden to collect a loaded trailer of paper; no problem getting to Green Bay and  getting unloaded but from then on it was hard going. After reloading near Madison; I caught busy roads all the way across Chicago, through Detroit and across the Ambassador Bridge. It was slow going in and out of the Greater Toronto Area as I did two drops near Mississauga and reloaded for Carol Stream at Scarborough. It was touch and go whether I was going to get the Carol Stream delivery done before midday closing on Friday but as I had been there before it did help knowing where to go. I needed a pre-loaded trailer if I was to avoid a lon weekend of sitting about. The office came up with one; a long dead head to Fridley for some cardboard that was going to Winnipeg. So after leaving on a Monday; I was back home on Sunday morning.

____ I spent an extra day at home before heading out with a load of oatmeal to Indianapolis. Two days driving down to the TA at Zionsville before a five mile drive to get unloaded on the northern outskirts of Indianapolis. IT was then a thrash over to Lima in Ohio to get loaded at 1 o'clock on Friday afternoon. Hand-ball load of empty oil drums back to Steinbach. Another Sunday morning home time arrival on a straight forward there and back run.

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