Sunday, May 27, 2018

Getting A Tidy Cab.Finally

Finally got rid of the nasty patch of rust on the air-cleaner. An expensive job at the body-shop; so I had a go myself with three aerosol cans of paint, three packs of wet-n-dry and a tube of bondo. It looks alright from a distance.

The wood-rimmed 18 inch steering wheel replaces the original 22 inch model and gives more room in the cab.

The new cloth seats have thinner backs and also make for a roomier driving position then the old vinyl ones.. They also have better side-support on both back and seat. The cup-holder is also a new addition and takes the place of the intercom system that linked the cab with the rear seating area.

Rear view of the truck at this weekend's campsite. Not the most level of sites; the truck was level but the ground dropped away and made for a high step up into the back.

The Mack and the Bigfoot Bike are going to be seeing a lot of each other from now on.



  1. That looks cool! How about some shots of the inside?

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    1. Hi Andy, I have added a link to a Youtube video that shows a lot of the inside of the Mack. It is now at the bottom of the post.[Finally, after a couple of false starts.]