Monday, June 4, 2018

Endless Details.

After a couple of overnight trips; there appeared to be a lot of things I had forgotten. One thing was a mirror.

Everything has to have a place and there is as much stuff as in a house. These cleaning utensils don't look to clever in their rack.

Carbon-monoxide alarm was another addition to the shopping list. Essential, as the hob runs on propane.

Finally filled the magnetic spice rack jars and attached the masking tape labels.

The windows in the back-doors posed a problem as I didn't want curtains blowing about all day.

I decided on a plywood and polystyrene sandwich covered in the same material as the curtains over the side windows. They wedge themselves in quite snugly and have loops to pull them free. Inspiration from the old Volvo F7 which had same idea for it's sleeper-cab windows. 

I had a go at metal-polishing. What a filthy job. I had hoped to do the chequer-plate throughout the truck but soon gave-up on that idea.

I did this bit of stainless steel and it came up with a nice mirror finish but took ages.

I might do some more small pieces of stainless steel that came out of the truck but the chequer-plate can stay dull and preserve my health. 

Oldsmobile night at the Pony Corral Sunday Cruise on Grant.

Bright overcast weather and a chance to get some better pictures. Not too much shadow or glare.

Nice Jaguar XK 150 with wire wheels and white wall tyres.

Also on Sunday Nights: another Cruise Night over near Ikea and Cabela's, just of Route 90.

A younger group of car enthusiasts with jacked-up and lowered pick-up trucks, the tuning scene and everything in between.

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