Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Cloud Museum

Old's Cool
The Cloud Museum in the fertile basin of the Colorado River, north of Yuma.
____ Jonny Cloud is more than willing to chat about anything and everything in his museum. Five dollars gets you past the pack of border collies and into a compound that has the largest collection of Ford Model T and Model A vehicles in the World. Not quite all the colours in all the sizes, but very nearly. There are tractors, trucks and a whole host of other antique stuff that will occupy well over two hours as you wander in and out of various buildings.

The Cloud Museum is well sign-posted and just before the Imperial Date Gardens in the village of Bard.

Impressive line-up of Ford TT flatbeds.

The restored vehicles are kept under-cover.

Nice Model A pick-up truck; up on blocks to save the tyres from flat-spotting.

The out-side line-up of Ford Model A; preservation is helped by the dry Arizona climate.
Fuel tanker that did local deliveries in the area.

Desert Taxi.

Bits of this and bits of that; put together to make a fun-looking buggy.

Ford Model A Pick-up Truck

Ford TT House-car; fore-runner of today's motor-homes.

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