Tuesday, April 2, 2019

World's Largest Truck at the Yuma Proving Grounds.

One of two big guns at the Junction of Highway 95 and Imperial Dam Road which leads to the Yuma Proving Ground Heritage Center.

The Yuma Proving Ground Heritage Center. North of Yuma and Interstate 8 in Arizona.

____|Turn-off West at the Big Guns on Highway 95; down Imperial Dam Road for about half a mile and call in at Visitor Center that is protected by all the old armoured vehicles. This is necessary to get the identity checks done and collect the pass that will give you entry to the main base which is further down the road. It doesn't cost anything to get in. Main object of interest for me was the Overland Train but there is other stuff outside and a large building full of stuff relating to what has gone on at the Proving Grounds. High-light of my visit was to climb up on-board the Overland Train. Not normally available, but an ex-Army veteran was doing some light preservation work and he let me checkout the cab and interior living quarters. 

Possible base for 6x6 Overland Expedition Truck that could be funded by the sale of the Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile.

Old tanks at the Visitor Centre of the Yuma Proving Grounds.

The Overland Train; built by Le Tourneau for the US Army in 1962 for off-road use in the desert and on the the Arctic Tundra.

The Overland Train could seat four in the cab and could pull 6 trailers; grossing 150 tons, making it the largest vehicle in the World in 1962.

A crew of six had all the comforts of home including toilet and wash-basin.

The power unit was a gas-turbine driving a electrical generator so it made sense to have an electric oven and hob.

Six bunks in two banks of 3 gave each crew member a place to sleep.

The Dash where power delivery to the electric motors in the hubs could be monitored. Steering is by the small joy-sticks at the corners of the main control panel.

The vehicle has been standing, un-used since the early 60's when the $2,000,000 project was abandoned. Groceries from that time are still in the kitchen cupboards.

A six-foot English bloke leaning on the rear-wheel gives an idea of the size of the Overland Train.

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