Friday, December 10, 2010

All Systems Go For The Big Tour.

____I’ve bought a bike, a tent, a sleeping bag plus some bits and pieces. The cycle touring starts tomorrow. The camper goes back and good riddance; the passenger side window now refuses to come back up and I now have no security. How a company can rip out the seats of a people carrier, stick in some second rate carpentry and some ill-fitting curtains; then rent it out with 197,000 kms on the clock; I don’t know.

____Auckland seems a good, clean, safe city. The two nights I’ve had at the campsite at Remeura have been cheap at $17 a night and I’ve been able to ride around it on the bike. Very hilly landscape and sunny with a cool breeze from the sea; it’s good the bike hasn’t been loaded with luggage.

____Free internet seems non-existent in New Zealand and very slow as well. Uploading pictures takes for ever; but I’ll try and get some put up when I have a good signal. There seems to be very little free stuff; all the big natural sites are fenced off and charge admission, but I have been in tourist hotspots. The journey to find the true New Zealand starts tomorrow.

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  1. New Zealand was and still is a possibility for us if Canada does not work out.. I imagine it to be as green as England.. I look forward to touring with you on a virtual scale.. Hope it goes well and we need lots of photos to accompany your wit...