Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Day That Got Away

The plane from Vancouver, BC.
 ____A Sunday midday flight out of Winnipeg to Vancouver, a four hour lay-over; then 14 hours on the plane. Landing at Auckland, New Zealand, just after dawn on Tuesday. By crossing the International Date Line at midnight, I completely lost Monday, 5th December 2010; good job it wasn’t my birthday.

____This is going to be a bicycle touring holiday but I’m starting out by hiring a cheap campervan so that I can get things together. It’s a 15 year old Toyota Granvia, a second-hand import from Japan, a heap of junk with dodgy electrics. First night is at Rotarua, a tourist town with volcanoes, geysers and hot water mineral pools; just right to ease an aching body.

____ Second night is at nearby Taupo, the Great Lake, overcast early; but then up to a sunny afternoon of 25 degrees C.
The Welcome Gate at Auckland Airport

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